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Cold finished steel bars have developed from simple shafting steel into a high quality basic production material. The growth of the mass- producing industries and the need for interchangeable parts did much to push along product improvements. Today the emphasis on greater reliability, longer service, lower cost, higher mechanical properties, more efficient use of energy, lighter weight, heavier loads, and the need to eliminate production operations make the use of cold finished steel bars essential in the manufacture of parts across a multitude of industries. Niagara LaSalle is positioned to deliver high quality products from multiple facilities and is continuously developing products to meet the demanding needs of our customers.

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  • Stressproof® - Specialty Product

    100,000 psi minimum yield strength. Strength without heat treating. Guaranteed machinability, minimum warpage. Elimination of heat treating means energy savings and reduced processing costs.

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  • Fatigue-Proof® - Specialty Product

    Strength in the bar (140,000 psi minimum tensile strength and 125,0000 psi minimum yield strength). Eliminates heat treating in many part applications. Made by various combinations of mechanical working and thermal treatment which may involve LaSalle e.t.d.® process.

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  • e.t.d.® 150® - Specialty Product

    Our highest strength material with a minimum tensile strength of 150,000 psi and a minimum yield strength and 130,000 psi. This is strength in the bar, which means you don't have to heat treat parts to obtain it.

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  • 1018

    This low carbon steel has good case hardening properties. Although not classed as a screw machine steel, at times it may be specified. This is an excellent steel for bending and cold forming, with good brazing and welding properties.

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  • 1045

    This medium carbon steel is used for heat treating (quenching and tempering). Although it has only a fair response to conventional quenching, it is widely used where requirements are not too stringent. It is also used extensively in induction hardening applications.

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  • 1117

    This is a resulphurized steel with good machinability and surface finish, but not as good as the standard screw stocks. Its case hardening characteristics are superior and it develops an excellent core.

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  • 1144

    A high manganese, medium carbon, resulphurized steel with free machining qualities and higher mechanical properties than the lower carbon steels. This grade machines at 83% of 1212 with excellent as machined finish.

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  • 12L14 Leaded

    A free machining, resulphurized, lead-bearing steel for high volume production parts.


  • 1215

    The A.I.S.I. grade 1215 has essentially eliminated a number of similar free machining grades, such as 1212. Both 1215 and 1213 machine considerably faster than 1212 and provide good surface finish and brazing properties.

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  • 4140

    This alloy responds well to heat treatment. Its chromium content provides good hardenss penetration, and the molybdenum imparts uniformity of hardness and high strength.

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  • 41L40

    The addition of lead to this grade permits the production of some 25% more parts with excellent finish and good tool life. Machinability is raised to 145 sfm.

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  • 8620

    The most widely used carburizing alloy. Its nickel content imparts good toughness and ductility. The chromium and molybdenum increases hardness penetration and wearability.

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  • 86L20

    Lead added to this grade increases parts production by some 25% with excellent finish and good tool life. Machining speeds are increased to 145 sfm and there are no adverse effects on properties.

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  • Annealed Cold Drawn Bars

    Niagara LaSalle produces annealed and cold drawn carbon and alloy bars in all commercially available grades. Additionally, Niagara LaSalle produces annealed and machine straightened hot rolled bars.

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  • Quench and Tempered Bars

    Niagara LaSalle produces quench and tempered bars in both the hot roll and cold drawn condition. Both carbon and alloy bars in all commercially available grades.

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  • Custom-Cut®

    Steel bars already cut to part specification and precision ground when necessary. For volume part manufacturers.

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  • High Temperature Stress Relieved Steels

    Spheroidized or lamellar annealed hot rolled and cold finished steel bars for sale to steel service center (SSC) and original equipment markets (OEM).

  • Precision Surface® Steels

    Surface removed steel bar materials produced to the finest surface finish and closest tolerances. These materials include: Turned and Polished; Ground and Polished; Turned and Ground and Polished.

  • Sizes-Shapes-Lengths

    A complete selection of sizes in standard or special tolerances: rounds, hexagons, flats, squares and special shapes.