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The most widely used carburizing alloy. Its nickel content imparts good toughness and ductility. The chromium and molybdenum increases hardness penetration and wearability. This steel's well balanced alloy content permits hardening to produce a strong, tough core and high case hardness. It machines at 110 sfm and has good welding qualities.

Shape Round
Grade 8620
Tolerance Meets cold finished carbon steel bar manufacturing tolerances
Application Structural parts such as gears, pinions, spline shafts, pins and a variety of other important applications requiring a hard wear surface and a ductile core.


Available Sizes
All popular sizes

Available Length
For best delivery lengths should be specified as 11'/13'.

Available Finishes
Rounds Standard "as drawn" finish
Rounds Ground and Polished
Rounds Turned Ground and Polished
Rounds Turned and Polished
Rounds Rough Turned


Carbon 0.18/0.23
Manganese 0.70/0.90
Phosphorus 0.035 (Max)
Sulphur 0.04 (Max)
Silicon 0.15/0.35
Nickel 0.40/0.70
Chromium 0.40/0.60
Molybdenum 0.15/0.25