niag lasalle


  • Certified Vendor Award

    Awarded by Rexnord Corporation

    Niagara LaSalle - South Holland was granted the Certified Vendor Award by Rexnord Corporation. As a leading worldwide industrial company providing highly engineered products that improve productivity and efficiency for industrial applications worldwide, Rexnord’s reputation is built on high standards and customer satisfaction. By selecting Niagara LaSalle -South Holland to provide Hot Rolled Descaled and CF bar products, Rexnord endorses Niagara LaSalle’s quality and dependability.

  • Delivery Performance Award

    Awarded by American Showa, Inc.

    In 2013, American Showa, Inc., presented their first-ever supplier award for On Time Delivery Performance to Niagara LaSalle. American Showa is a parts manufacturer and member of a network of automotive parts suppliers that specializes in the development and manufacture of shock absorber and power steering systems. Niagara LaSalle’s Custom Cut™ group prides itself on its ability to work closely with Showa to ensure their deliveries are on time.

  • 25-year Member Award

    Awarded by NFPA

    In 2013, NFPA (National Fluid Power Association) recognized Niagara LaSalle’s 25-year participation in their annual conference. The NFPA works with its partners to promote technology and foster an innovative environment for all who do work in the fluid power industry. For 25 years, Niagara LaSalle has supported this mission.

  • Barsplice Approved Supplier


    Starting in April 2013, Niagara LaSalle - South Holland was approved to provide Barsplice product for nuclear applications, a highly specialized and precise application. Niagara LaSalle’s reputation for quality and precision played a pivotal role in this certification.

  • Perfect Quality 2013

    Awarded by Nexteer

    Typically new product launches present many challenges, but for Nexteer’s recent launch, Niagara LaSalle – Nexteer’s raw material supplier -- provided perfect quality and delivery. Not surprisingly, Nexteer recognized this performance by presenting Niagara LaSalle with a Perfect Quality Award in 2013.