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About Niagara LaSalle Corporation

Niagara LaSalle Corporation is North America's largest independent cold finished steel bar producer. We offer the world's widest and most diverse product range and technical capability for engineered cold finished bars for you and your customers applications. Our products are found in various parts and components in a myriad of different industries including automotive, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, rail industry, mining industry, power and hand tool industry, power generation equipment, (including green power applications), machine tool builders, aerospace and oil and gas industries.

Niagara LaSalle Corporation is the combination of Niagara Cold Drawn Corporation, whose history dates back to 1986 in Buffalo, New York, where cold drawn bars have been produced since 1929 and LaSalle Steel Company, whose history and proprietary products dates back to 1912. Niagara LaSalle has not only grown over the years organically but we also have a long history of strategic acquisitions including Southwest Steel, Universal Metal Service, Plymouth Steel Corporation, the assets of Moltrup Steel and Fitzsimmons Steel along with plants and equipment from Bliss & Laughlin, Republic Engineered Steels and Impact Cut-Off Company and most recently Diameters Corporation. Through a strategy of providing solutions, continuous improvement and a focus on customer service we have grown into eight operating facilities in the United States with the industry's most recognized proprietary products.

Our four producing facilities are strategically located throughout the located the United States to provide our customers with fast service to their locations and the ability to purchase all their cold finished bar requirements in a one-stop-shop experience.

Niagara LaSalle's independence from any single raw material producer allows us to source the steel needed to produce your cold finished bar requirements with the highest quality and lowest cost in mind. Niagara LaSalle sources our hot roll steel bar requirements globally and values our supplier relationships as much as our customer relationships.

Niagara LaSalle's research and development team is committed to finding new material solutions to meet your ever changing manufacturing challenges. Sometimes this can be as simple as changing a cold finishing process on our end or as challenging as finding new steel capable of higher physical properties and enhanced machinability.s enabling you to make a lighter weight part or component. All this is done through our focus on understanding our customers. applications and building customer relationships.

Niagara LaSalle practices continuous improvement internally through the employment of our Lean Six Sigma program company wide.

We are the industry leader in providing customer solutions for cold finished steel bars.