niag lasalle

Rough Turning and Turning & Polishingservices

  • State of the art turning equipment, which can handle sizes from 12.7mm (1/2") to 177mm (7") diameter and from 2.5m (8’3") to 15m (48’), depending on the diameter.
  • The value of your material can be increased by removing surface defects such as seams, scabs, slivers, and decarb while holding tight O.D. tolerances.
  • We will take slow moving inventory and turn it to sizes that will accommodate your current needs. The turned & polished bar ensures a superior finish, a high level of concentricity, a defect free surface, a tight size tolerance, and optimum straightness, which will accommodate grinding in long lengths.
  • Hot roll bars are pre-straightened as needed before turning, which ensures a uniform removal of stock. When turning is combined with cold drawing, you achieve all the benefits of both. Be sure to ask your current T&P supplier whether they include pre-straightening on your product. If not, you are not getting a high quality turned product.