niag lasalle

Services Offered

  • Rough Turn and Turn & Polishing: Hot roll bars are straightened as required before being turned & polished creating a uniform removal of stock. Turning bars in this way ensures the highest quality finished product.
  • Grinding: Grinding added to our turned & polished or cold drawn bars ensures a superior finish, high level of concentricity, tight size tolerance, and optimum straightness.
  • Cold Drawing: Our equipment produces a uniform product with the highest standard of straightness and concentricity available. Testing for defects during the production run ensures a bar with the highest level of surface quality.
  • Descaling: Mechanical descaling of long products, which improves tool and die life, provides better paint adhesion and gives oiled material a longer shelf life.
  • Chamfering & Deburring: This allows for bars to slip into collets easily, contributes to improved tool life and is a safer bar to handle.
  • Special Straightening: Improves hot roll bars to special straightness tolerances, or cold finished bars to grinding straightness.
  • Saw Cutting: Precision saw cutting provides accurate lengths and a net part closer to your finished product including blanks cut to gram weights.
  • Non-destructive Testing: Non-destructive testing identifies surface defects such as scabs, slivers, seams and internal defects.

Steels: Carbon, Alloy, Stainless, and Tool

Other Materials: Aluminum and Ductile Cast Iron